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The brand is based on the idea of personalisation. As a consumer, you can pick out the colours and flavours that are personal to you. 

Able Ape

Able Ape is a sports conditioning and rehabilitation brand for extreme athletes. The logo was designed with a boot camp theme in mind.

Brands Reunited

Brands Reunited is an alcohol brand parent company. As the entity is a serious nature I have kept the design simple and used two colours, grey and black.


JoMac is a truck mechanic based abroad when designing the logo I wanted to bring out the element of repairs and services through the usage of a cut out spanner.

Beige & Blush

Beige & Blush is an online blog that outlines life’s treasures from the good, the great and the sensational. I wanted the logo to be as unique as this blog and designed it by hand before creating a vector version.